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What Are You Focusing On?

April 19, 2018

When there is chaos going on around you, there will be chaos going on within.


There will be a pull for you to have your focus on what is not working, what is wrong and what feels uncomfortable, because you have been practising this for so long.


The momentum in that direction has been created and it can feel too hard to change the focus.

That’s why we feel the battle, the fear, the struggle, the overwhelm, the confusion, the indecision.


By taking the focus off what’s not working - but not by trying to change your feelings or thoughts about that tough subject or trying to find the answer - but by bringing your attention around to looking at what your have to appreciate right in this moment. The small things, the beautiful things. The delightful things.

Start looking for what makes you feel good.


Make this the number one intention in your day and you will start to build momentum in that direction.

You will start to feel better and better each day. You will start to notice the things around you changing. The people around you shifting.


Are you up for a shift in your attention and your experience of life?


You can start today. You can start right NOW.

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