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I never expected this and I just want it to be easier!

April 9, 2018


I never expected this and I just want it to be easier.


I just want PEACE and that feeling of FREEDOM.

I am so tired of the feeling of struggle and of everything being SO hard.


I worry about so many aspects of my life and even more about my family and what is going on.


~ This is just a snippet of the conversations that were going on in my head and I hear variations of these all the time, from women I talk to every day and from our clients before they start in our program.


The feelings of almost hopelessness because they don’t see how anything else is possible for them.

They feel they are too old to change.


Or because of other people and certain circumstances. I can't be happy if this is going on.


Or because of what they feel they ‘should’ be doing, or what they think other people think they should be doing.


Oh, outwardly it might seem like they have it all together. Good job or business doing okay, but not experiencing the happiness or peace or the level of love that they want in their life. Not being able to fully engage with life. Certainly not experiencing any level of Joy or fulfillment. Not being able to feel successful at anything.


They often feel like a fraud. They feel that if everyone knew their ‘story’ or ‘secret’, their whole world could unravel.


I so get it, I’ve been there.


Scared that even if I knew what to do to change things, it would be just too scary. Every time I had tried something different or even thought about it, it was all too much and felt too uncomfortable or even painful to do what I hadn’t been prepared to before. Sometimes I justified it by saying it’s not my fault, it’s because of my addict children or my ex-husband or…. Sometimes I just blamed myself for everything and felt I had to fix everything.


The thing is, I know now that everything I wanted was on the other side of that familiar place I had locked myself into. That everything I wanted to change about my life was up to me.


Nobody else. Nothing else.


I found a way through and now live an amazing life, truly love and trust myself, love my children unconditionally and I feel blessed every day BUT, I went about it the hard way. The long way. But I didn’t know then that there was a different way. A better way.


If YOU would like to know the way, the easier way, then apply for a 60-minute Fast Track To Freedom Session to build a plan for you to find the peace, freedom, and happiness you can have.


But we can’t help everyone. This is not for everyone. Not everyone is going to experience life as they want it.

But, if you can answer YES to ONE KEY QUESTION, I know we can help you.


CLICK THIS LINK to find out more and to answer this ONE QUESTION.



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I never expected this and I just want it to be easier!

April 9, 2018

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