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Do You Think So?

April 3, 2018

A belief is just a thought we keep thinking. 

Everything hinges on what we believe.

Not just what we consciously THINK we believe or those we can immediately identify, but beliefs that are entombed in the mind’s deep hidden pockets.


So covered in the moss of our subconscious that you may not initially recognize them or acknowledge that they exist. These deep seated beliefs are those that insidiously creep quietly through our developmental years, bestowed on us by those most influential at that time. They are usually passing on what they have had indoctrinated into them from their own childhood. Every time we think those thoughts and say them, we reinforce as our reality.

Of course, we are talking about the beliefs that do not serve you or no longer serve you. What may have been appropriate for a time or for a precise situation, can end up becoming a life-long sentence.

When I went through an exercise to expose some of these deep rooted beliefs, I was astounded at the level that they ran my life. Based on events that occurred during my childhood, I had made some decisions about myself that would continue to play out as my reality, as these conclusions morphed into disempowering beliefs I then revered as my gospel truth. 

Again, awareness is the fore-runner to altering your beliefs. Being mindful of those that are disempowering and taking charge of what you think. It’s almost like turning all those disempowering beliefs on their head. You can start with affirmations to help cement them into your unconscious.


From ‘I don’t believe I can’ firstly to ‘I believe it could be possible’ before stepping into "I know I can’ .


If you are beleive ‘Everything is hard and difficult’ start moving towards beleiving Ít is getting easier and easier’ and building the belief until it is easy to believe ‘It’s all so easy’. From ‘I can’t see a way out of this quagmire’ to ‘I am open to new ways showing up for me and to gaining perfect clarity’

How much more effective and fulfilled might your life be if all your beliefs and thoughts were empowering not disempowering?




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