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Little By Little. Piece By Piece.

March 14, 2018

I’ve spoken to literally thousands of women who are struggling as a result of someone else’s addiction.

I have lived some aspect of what every single one of them has experienced or is experiencing right now.

It’s one of the most extreme experiences that anyone can live through. The trouble is, most don’t LIVE through it.

They die.

I died.

Little by little. Piece by piece. Day by Day.

I don’t mean that my physical body died.

But it seemed like every other part of me died. I died as a mother. I died as a grandmother. I died as a partner. I died as a friend. 

But most of all I died inside. Emotionally I shut down. I was too scared to feel emotion. Love felt like pain and the pain was overwhelming. Everywhere I turned, I was confronted with emotion that I didn’t want to feel.

But I continued to show up physically in my life. It seemed like I had my life together. I did a really good job of hiding it. No-one really understood but then no one really knew the depth of the situation or of my pain.

I didn’t really know the depth of my pain or my situation. This way of living had become my ‘NORMAL’.

But one day, in one moment – I knew I could no longer continue. I knew my life was meant to be different and I couldn’t help my children in addiction or my grandchildren from the place I was in. I couldn’t have the relationship that I wanted.

In that moment, I made a decision. 

The decision was – I will do whatever it takes to change my situation and be the woman I really want to be and the woman I know I need to be for my family.

I knew there was a meaning to my life and it wasn’t what I had made it mean to that point.

I WANT YOU TO KNOW THIS: Life can be different. Life can be as you once imagined and dreamed it could be. 

The first step is to make a decision about how you want to live the rest of your life.

What’s your decision?

Your ‘decision maker’ Coach,


P.S. Whenever you are ready, there are 4 ways I can help you be the woman you want to be and the leader you need to be for you family.

1. Grab a free copy of my e-book "Discover The Absolute TRUTHS About Addiction’’

2. Join our ‘Women Loving An Addict’’ private Facebook Group and connect with other women who are dealing with an addict too. It’s our Facebook group where it’s all about support, ideas and strategies to help you and to move forward. Click here https://www.facebook.com/groups/womenlovinganaddict/ 

3. Join our Empowered Woman Project and become a Case Study. I’m putting together a new short but powerful personal program at ‘Women Loving An Addict.’ If you’d like to work with me on how to best deal with the addict in your life, then send me a message at karen@karenoates.com and put ‘CASE STUDY’ in the subject. 

4. Work with me and my team privately. If you would like to work directly with me and my team to take your life beyond anything you could imagine right now…. Just send me a message at karen@karenoates.com and put ‘PRIVATE’ and I will get you all the details!

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