Karen Oates is an Empowerment Expert and Soul Coach.  

Certified as - NLP Master Practitioner and Results Coach and Trained Evolved Leadership Coach

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KickAss Your Queen Power!
 Your Next Level Intuition

This 9-day program ‘KickAss Your Queen Power, Your Next Level Intuition’ is not just to an intuition taster, but a full on PUT YOUR BIG GIRL PANTS ON immersion to UNLEASH YOUR INNER GUIDANCE, your all-knowing Inner Source, your EVERYTHING.

You know how you’ve always said you wish you could understand your intuition more

and really follow and trust and let it be your guide for everything - well this is for you!


I'm calling in those KickAss Soul Queens 

who want to FOLLOW THE MAGIC and RELEASE THE GENIE  to be able to create life the way they choose it.

If this is you, then THIS IS IT!


Every – ‘Freakin’ - Thing


The Game Changer


The life enhancer. The clarifier. The decision determiner. The joy germinator!


KickAss Your Queen Power, Your Next Level Intuition!


9 days of leaning into the call of your soul to access your superflow intuitive zone, elevating every experience of life and activate the kickass powerhouse soul queen you always knew you were but didn’t know how to get there!


This work together is about UNLEASHING the magic of life by being led by your INNER GUIDANCE, your INTUITIVE KNOWING, finding and living in your FLOW.


This work will change your life in every possible way!


 It’s time to juice up your vibe!

STARTS 25 March 

Only $97 USD

You will be able to Tune In to:


  1. MAXIMUM Super Flow to journey your soul path with LEAST RESISTANCE

  2. QUICKLY, EASILY & CONFIDENTLY make the right decisions

  3. Find the GIFTS in the messiness and chaos of the past

  4. FOLLOW Unquestionable Impulses to do what’s right for you

  5. IGNITE your passion, your friskiness for life

  6. RELEASE old BELIEFS that have been the boulders on your roadway forward

  7. Hold a level of FAITH you haven’t experienced before to give you the STRENGTH and KNOWING of who you are

  8. KNOW you are living on purpose!

  9. Create MOMENTUM to move the rest of your life powerfully

  10. Have WAY more Fun and Frivolity!



You truly can have it lead you to all those things you keep saying that you want.

The trust to go do ALL those things you want to do!

You know the things - those things screaming to get out of you.

You already know the signs, that deep down voice that you’ve muffled.
But you keep pushing her down.

Back into the box you’ve made for all the things you think are impossible or that aren’t really for someone like you.

Well you can LET HER OUT!

Get your Next Level Intuition 
Only $97 USD

OMG I know how scary it feels feel sometimes, to trust yourself when you think you’ve made so many wrong turns and you can’t see yourself finding the right way.

STOP listening to that voice!

START listening to your real voice and truly trusting the wisdom you already have.

This 9-day program ‘KickAss Your Queen Power, Your Next Level Intuition’ is not just to an intuition taster, but a full on

PUT YOUR BIG GIRL PANTS ON immersion to UNLEASH YOUR INNER GUIDANCE, your all-knowing Inner Source, your EVERYTHING.


The Details:

I'm sharing everything I have done and continually do to be able to live my BEAUTIFUL life EXACTLY the way I choose it, created through the power of being in alignment and following my inner guidance. This is the work that is now an INTEGRAL part of ME.




  • 9-day intensive mastermind daily group training and support;

  • Daily live training with me

  • Journaling Templates and Step-by-Step Worksheets

  • PLUS additional support anytime you need it!

  • My personal hand on your intuition success


STARTS 25 March




Next Level KickAss:







         PLUS much more!



My Personal Powerhouse Morning Ritual Audio – 

daily guided meditation that will turn everything on it’s head for you. 

ACCESS The KarenO Flow -  Life changing MEGA flow!

Get your Next Level Intuition
Only $97 USD


We’re not playing around to just get the frilly bits of understanding intuition or inner guidance

You are here to get the GOOSEY JUICY DOWNLOADS from your SOUL!

Guiding you and leading you - ALL THE FREAKIN’ TIME!

If you will not accept anything less than living THE best life, then this is the work you MUST do.

Your Soul is calling you to get your S#%T TOGETHER.

I’m calling you to YOUR HIGHER SELF – are YOU?

What I’m going to teach you, what you will discover and learn and have become just who you are and habitually what you do, will give you that FREEDOM and PEACE and EVERY-FREAKIN-THING you have been searching so, so long for.

You know you have, right?

You know there is no other way NOW.

You know it’s TIME.

And you know it’s THIS.

Come play with Me.

You are so READY!

 All giving you the absolute freakin’ certainty of what you need to do day in and day out, to CONTINUE growing expanding you and your life - and you'll be doing it!


If you have a relish for life that nothing can quell….

If you want to live BIG, in the way YOU have CHOSEN to create and live your life.

Women with NEXT LEVEL INTUITION know they can HAVE IT ALL.

You can CHOOSE that right NOW.

And you can have it all

Right now!

The only question is?

Are you going to CHOOSE YOU today to do that?

If yes yes, yes, then, well ...
See you on the other side
 It’s time!

Get your Next Level Intuition 

Only $97 USD