Karen Oates is an Empowerment Expert and Soul Coach.  

Certified as - NLP Master Practitioner and Results Coach and Trained Evolved Leadership Coach

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6 Month Mastermind Program.

  • Are you sick and tired of not having the profit you want in your business that you have worked so hard for?


  • Do you do everything you can not to face the true financial condition of your business


  • Are you over having to pretend to those around you that your business is thriving, knowing that it is barely surviving?


  • Do you feel that your daydream of you lying on a beautiful sandy idyllic beach is your only escape from your business?


  • Are you wanting positive change in your business but you just have no idea how to go about it?


If you answered yes to any of these questions then this 6 month Entreprenuerial Mastermind is for you.