Karen Oates is an Empowerment Expert and Soul Coach.  

Certified as - NLP Master Practitioner and Results Coach and Trained Evolved Leadership Coach

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Powerful journalling prompts to create

your life exactly as you want it

From Karen Oates - Awaken Your Soul Queen


If You Are A Successful Driven Woman But Still Can't Push Through To The Next Level Of SUCCESS AND THE LIFE YOU CRAVE >>>>

These 9 ESSENTIAL Journal prompts ARE EVERYTHING YOU WILL EVER NEED to go from being stuck, frustrated and confused as to what I needed to do to have the Clarity, Passion, Certainty and Abundance, TO TAKE EVERYTHING TO THE NEXT LEVEL.


Hey, I GET IT!


Some big and messy life events meant that It took a lot of Soul work to get to a certain point.


BUT THERE WAS STILL SOMETHING MISSING and I just seemed to go around and around. There seemed to be so much self sabotage and patterns that I just couldn't go beyond.




Until these questions and this journalling.


This is what finally created the business I really wanted and the life I truly craved, but hadn’t been able to step into.




If YOU want these tools to do the same, WITH ALL THE DETAILS ON EXACTY WHAT YOU NEED TO DO WITH EACH QUESTION - DOWNLOAD the PDF by clicking the button below >>>

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