Karen Oates is an Empowerment Expert and Soul Coach.  

Certified as - NLP Master Practitioner and Results Coach and Trained Evolved Leadership Coach

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Powerful healing process for those struggling with any family relationshipS

with Karen Oates - Awaken Your Soul Queen


If You’re A Women Struggling With A Family Relationship and Want To Find Peace and Healing…
Then I want to GIFT YOU THIS POWERFUL HEALING PROCESS that I have developed to ease the pain and struggle, which I use regularly and all my clients have in their ‘toolkit’ to shift the relationships they struggle with.
Whether it's an active rift or you are struggling with the aftermath between you and a son or daughter, partner, parent etc - this guided meditation process will transform the energy and relationship between you and the person you love, healing and allowing the relationship to repair and for you to find peace and freedom.
To help you let go of any hold, uncomfortability, resentment or anger the relationship has over you.
It’s a 7 minute guided meditation that will leave you feeling light, peaceful and in such a loving space.
To download the ‘Love Bubble Healing Process’ AUDIO Just click the link below and it will arrive straight away in your inbox!