Karen Oates is an Empowerment Expert and Soul Coach.  

Certified as - NLP Master Practitioner and Results Coach and Trained Evolved Leadership Coach

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I come from a loving family of Mum, Dad and 5 siblings and for 14 years was the only girl. There were plenty of blessings and teachings from living mostly in a rural environment where Dad worked hard to put food on the table and Mum stayed at home to ensure we were all well taken care of – no luxuries in this lifestyle. During these years I learnt about love, the value of family, independence and the ‘work hard’ ethic.


At the age of 18 I got married and a few years later, we started our family, first with a daughter followed by a son a few years later. By this time I was entrenched in family life and not outwardly aware of how insidiously my marriage had turned from being ‘crazy in love’ to feeling that it was just ‘crazy’. I learnt how to hide myself within myself, how to try to please everyone and feel responsible for everything. I learnt about loss and the loss of me.


It was after 13 years that the control and emotional abuse stopped, when the marriage ended. But the ‘craziness’ did not stop.My children went on to provide me with more extreme lessons that I needed to learn in this lifetime. Through very tough teenage years including the arrival of a grandchild, my son and his drug addiction taught me how to be the ultimate rescuer, how to carry guilt and blame until it paralyses you, how to feel l was dying inside. My daughter and her drug addiction taught me how to be in control when everything is out of control. How to experience the love of grandchildren beyond any love I had ever experienced before. How to be sad to a depth that I never knew existed. 


Owning my own businesses and working solo, backed by my limiting beliefs from my personal experiences, I learnt how to struggle through failure, trying to do it all on my own, never asking for support. I learnt how my inner critic could keep me continuing those disempowering behaviors. I learnt how to self-sabotage the success that I knew was my birthright.


For years I locked it all away, not wanting or needing to share, too scared to bring it all out as I steered away from the pain, almost at all costs. BUT, I always knew that I couldn’t keep hiding and with my inquiring mind, I felt driven to find an answer to relief from the pain. I had an innate knowing that the answers lay within and I embarked on a journey of self- discovery.


I also had a quiet knowing that I was meant to be helping other people, that what I came here to learn, I also came here to teach. To lead, guide and heal, for the purpose of them seeing, celebrating and owning their unique magnificence, that everything they have experienced is all part of their apprenticeship in this lifetime. And of course, part of my journey has been that I myself have had to come to own my unique magnificence.


So I have now surrendered to my calling and stopped avoiding the inevitable! I am an Empowerment Coach. I am a certified Master Results Coach, Performance Consultant and Master NLP Practitioner; plus I am trained as an Evolved Leadership Coach in an education that enables people to experience sustainable transformation in all areas of their lives - personal and business.


My approach is to guide and lead you to own who you are. You were born great, you were born magnificent; my job is to partner you in not only unearthing what this is but partner you in making it happen!


I understand that everyone’s journey is an individual one, but also understand that we as human beings can be united, touched, changed, inspired and humbled by each other, if we allow it. I stand for the fact that we are all unique and have special gifts to offer in this world.


I know from my own life experience what it takes to overcome ones belief system to truly stand sure in one’s power. My vision is “Empowering people to find true liberation, by embracing their past and honouring their own magnificence” through empowerment coaching and inspirational leadership whilst having doses of fun along the way.


We are all here to make a contribution to the world; we just need to show up! I am now choosing to walk my talk and I wish to partner you to do the same, for I get what it takes!